How Successful Are Online Businesses And Which Ones Work Best With Engjell Berisha

How Successful Are Online Businesses And Which Ones Work Best with Engjell Berisha

Have you ever wondered how successful are online businesses of different types? Here’s great news: you don’t even have to test them all yourself! Engjell Bersiha has already tried all the possible eCommerce venture types, and he’s happy to share his feedback.

Let’s see what you can learn from his experience!


I’ve been looking for possibilities and methods to make money online since my high school years. My interest has influenced my choice of profession, so I’ve got an education in the IT sphere. And even these days, I keep researching and finding new and new methods to earn online.

In your experience, how successful are online businesses in different areas?

I think I know almost all Internet money making methods (haha). I have tried many of them, from clicking, gaming, blogging, etc. to Forex, poker, bit coin, MLM and many others. None of them was enough to help me make a living.

Also there was affiliate marketing, but it didn’t end well. I was promoting the company services on FB and Instagram, but with no results. What’s even worse, my business Facebook account got blocked in some time. This year I became a freelancer, I tried my luck in this sphere. I was editing pictures on Fiverr and videos on Upwork, but it’s very hard to start and to find jobs when you are not a professional.

Why did you decide to try dropshipping? How did it all begin?

After a couple of months of freelancing, I decided to look for something new and more rewarding.

But after I watched a couple of YouTube videos about drop shipping business, I got more confident, and decided to try it. Shopify video about drop shipping has inspired me to start with this platform. I bought a domain, and started to prepare my store. At this time I kept searching and watching videos about drop shipping until I saw a video about Ali drop ship.

What made me interested was that with Shopify, I need to make monthly payments if I keep using this platform and its solutions. But with Ali drop ship, it’s just a one-time payment, no matter how long I stay in the business.

So I decided to switch to this platform. I watched many videos on their Youtube channel and other sources. They helped me make up my mind, so I bought the original plugin and also the hosting. I chose the Raphael theme for my store, set up the website, and started to import products. I noticed that Ali drop ship plugin is quite easy to set up. Also, I liked it that it requires minimal time to manage my store daily.

Do you remember the first sale made from your store

Yeah, of course. And I even remember the name of my first customer. I got this sale after about 10 days of the business running. That was an organic sale from Instagram; I haven’t even made any ad for this product.

That was amazing. I was so happy at that moment. It was my first sale, and all that day I had a smile on my face. I’ve chosen a wrong niche for my first store. It has a lot of customers, so I thought it’s a good one. But, it turned out to be very competitive, with lots of giant stores. And after less than a month I decided to search for other niche. I wanted to choose a niche that I like myself, with the products I would personally want to buy.

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