Griffin Is A Korean Team. They Are Owned By STILL8.


Griffin is a Korean team. They are owned by STILL8.


Griffin was founded in November 2016 so NOT BAD and heat in January 2017 so Griffin played.

2017 Season

Spring Split

They formed a young roster with Sword, Yonghun, Rather, Force, and Shield. During the Spring Split, they had a decent 3-2 start but could not keep it up losing the rest of the splits series despite signing two new jungle. This meant a 9th place finish and dropping into the promotion tournament where they surprisingly clearly fought off REVERSE Gaming in a 3-0 sweep with new support Jin.

Summer Split

For the Summer Split, they kept the roster from the promotion tournament but started the split as spring ended. After week 5 they signed former pro player cvMax as the new coach and with him went on a tear winning 5 of their last 6 series as well as the tiebreaker to finish the split in 3rd place. In playoffs, however, they were surprisingly beaten by APK Prince 1-3.


A few months later they got the chance to take revenge against them at the 2017 LoL KeSPA Cup with their new bot lane signings Viper and Legends. They swept past them as well as LCK team Afreeca and even managed to gain international attention when they nearly managed to beat SK Telecom T1 who lost the world championship finals a few weeks before.

2018 Season

Spring Split

They continued their good showings during the Spring Split dominating the league with a start of 8 clean sweeps. After those, they started to give talented rookie Chovy who just became old enough to be allowed to play some game time and despite losing two games continued to win the rest of the series which meant they placed 1st and got a direct place at the promotion tournament to LCK. In the promotion tournament, they swept past Kongdoo and also won the first qualifying round against MVP convincingly to qualify for the LCK.

Summer Split

Due to their dominating qualification and keeping their roster, there were hopes that finally, a competitive team came up from CK again. Griffin fulfilled these hopes with a very dominant 8-1 start and a Summer Split finish in 2nd place. Going as a second seed into playoffs they closely fought off Afreeca in semifinals after being down 1-2 and went up twice in finals against KT Rolster but could not close it out. The lack of championship points from spring split meant they went as 2nd seed but still as favorites into the Regional Finals. In round 2 they faced the after a bad season reinvigorated world championship roster on Gen.G and lost the series 2-3.


In the 2018 LoL KeSPA Cup, they got seeded in quarterfinals of playoffs where Afreeca were their first opponents. They swept their new roster 2-0 before sweeping past newly to LCK promoted team DAMWON Gaming and the new roster of Gen.G to win their first title.

2019 Season

In November, “e-containment” company STILL8, previously owners of Kongdoo Monster, purchased Griffin.

Spring Split

They carried this forward and stomped their competition in the first 6 weeks of Spring Split. After SK Telecom T1 showed to the rest of the league in week 7 that Griffin is absolutely beatable despite losing their rematch 1-2 in extremely close fashion Griffin lost a couple of series towards the end of the split. According to their coach, they were trying new things out and managed to hold on to first place and therefore first seed going into playoffs. In the highly anticipated finals match against SKT Griffin did not manage to perform as well as expected and were clean swept.

Summer Split

Griffin coped with the disappointment well and made a breakthrough in the summer split. They went into Rift Rivals in first place with a 7-1 record. There they also showed good performances similar to the rest of the league and despite losing their game in the final against FunPlus Phoenix LCK managed to beat LPL for the first time. Shortly after Rift Rivals the coaches decided to try out Doran in the top lane and after a rough first few matches he showed good synergy towards the end of regular season where Griffin secured first place on the last matchday again with a 13-5 record to wait in playoff finals for their opponent whilst already being qualified for their first World Championship due to KingZone missing playoffs. In playoff finals, they once again had to face SKT who looked pretty strong on their way to the final and proved to be too big of an obstacle for Griffin to overcome as they lost clearly 1-3. With this disappointment, Griffin went into Worlds as 2nd seed but without their coach cvMax as he left the team after disagreements with the owners shortly before the start of the tournament.

World Championship

Griffin was drawn into Group A with LEC 1st seed and MSI champion G2 Esports, LCS 2nd seed Cloud 9 and LMS 3rd seed Hong Kong Attitude. Going back to Sword in the top lane after the removal of their coach they went 2-1 in week 1 and after a 2-0 start to Day 6 they were able to also defeat G2 Esports twice in back-to-back games for 1st place in their group. They were drawn against LPL 3rd seed Invictus Gaming in the Quarterfinals but were defeated with a clear 3-1.


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