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Using poor quality water on our skin and hair every day can have visible consequences. The chlorine and other chemicals used in water may have visible effects medium and long term, particularly in people who have sensitive skin. This is the case of babies, children or the elderly, but they also occur among the adult population.

Why should we use a shower filter?

We care about looking good, being comfortable and presentable. However, to clean ourselves we must use products in which chemicals abound, many of them aggressive to our skin, hair and nails. Apart from those that we already know, such as shampoos, creams, conditioners and many others, there are other factors that damage our hair and our skin.

The public water we use to shower is often full of chlorine and by-products. Although chlorine is added to tap water to kill bacteria, it also damages our hair, skin, and nails. In turn, showers that do not have a filter have a large accumulation of lime and mineral salts, not counting heavy metals, nitrates and other compounds that we should always purify with a shower filter.

10 benefits of using GDaily Store shower filter

  • With filtering chlorine, removal of rust and harmful chemicals in our shower water, it leaves softer and more hydrated skin.
  • Reduces stress with aromatherapy of natural flower extracts
  • Benefits to sensitive and eczema skin especially for babies and children.
  • Protects skin from free radicals that causes skin to age with the presence of Vitamin C in shower filter
  • The health of your skin improves, and becomes smoother, healthier and looks younger.
  • Minimize possible eruptions in the skin and appearance of wrinkles.
  • The health of your hair improves considerably. It looks smoother, healthier and frizz-free.
  • When the body is able to retain its natural moisturizers, the need for expensive lotions and moisturizers is reduced.
  • The result of water filter with Vitamin C make skin looking hydrated, fresher and younger.
  • Safe and suitable for showering pets
  • Increase your energy levels and your mood improves.

If you are interested in buying a shower filter to filter chlorine and other contaminants from your water, you can do so on GDaily.

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