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Recording an album is quite an adventure. You go through the process of deciding the right time to save. You open up your writer’s toolbox and create some awesome songs to publish. You’ve got your team together, you’ve funded your business in a participatory fashion, and you’ve completed the most exciting part of the trip, the studio recording. Now is the time to get all of that hard work done and release your album to the world. Music brings the world together, and 2020 is no exception. We have seen musicians around the globe playing their instruments from balconies, live concerts from homes, and even an online music festival. The fourth art knows how to face any adversity, and although some of the most anticipated records of the year had to be postponed, the launches that did arrive have been full of surprises.

The come back of FRANTZ-DEE (NEW ALBUM)

FRANTZ-DEE so excited to drop his new album knowing his fans been waiting for it, and can not wait to listen to it. He’s been working on the album over 2 years, there’s a lot of big features on the album, the fans have to wait for the album to come out to find out who’s on the album.

The album will have 12 songs (5 featuring and 7 solo songs) he plans on dropping 2 music videos before the album drops. Last month he was in Paris shooting a music video that will announce the album very soon. The ALBUM NAME is left for surprise. and the release date is also a surprise, this year’s new music comes with huge hits. So that you can enjoy the best of the best, we bring you this selection that we will be constantly updating with the best musical releases and new talents that are making a name for themselves in the industry.

For an artist or a group, releasing an album or a single is an important moment where excitement, stress, impatience and worry mingle. Will the new songs appeal to the public? What will journalists’ criticism be? How will the songs be received? Will they be successful? Will they be broadcast on the radio? So many questions that arise frequently, and whatever the level of experience. These are legitimate questions because a new record is always the result of long work.

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