Roses are loved by everyone, there is so much to talk about roses that one can go on and on. The roses are versatile flowers and are used for various occasions. If you are looking to surprise someone, give a birthday gift, wish someone on their anniversary or maybe propose someone then roses are perfect for you. You can always get a flower delivery in Indore.

Although roses have a long history of being associated with romance but do you know that Romans used to place roses when they were having a confidential conversation as with this, they are known to symbolize confidentiality as well.

We all know that roses are known for their fragrance but along with that, there are so many varieties which can make choosing a perfect rose for us a bit stressful. You might prefer a kind rose over the other but the things are that they all are beautiful and are popular, that’s why we have 5 roses that are almost loved by everyone.

In the fifteenth century, England, there was a war called “war of roses”, this war of roses where the red rose used to represent the house of Lancaster and the white rose used to stand boldly with the house of York.

Here are 5 rose types which are everyone’s favourite:


These are the most fragrant flowers of the rose family. You just can’t resist the smell of these bouquets. these upright blooms grow around 3.5ft tall. these are mostly These are a floribunda type roses, which have excellent disease resistance. They are known for their rapid re blooming. These apricot yellow blooms get creamier as soon as they mature. You can always use them as your tea table centerpiece.


These are climber roses. They are known for their strangeness although they may seem a little fragile. These roses observed to grow ten feet in a particular season and their thorns are very painful. These blush pink blooms are amazing as these blossoms make it look like a fairy tale come true. These roses should be grown in a location that is suitable to them otherwise they are susceptible to diseases.


These roses are perfect for you as after seeing them you would just Wang to confess your love with these roses are dramatic and bold. They perfectly take up the picture of antique roses. They are in fuchsia color. They also have a delicious smell to them and are amazing. They are a short shrub but can grow. They are perfect but you must be careful for the black spots, rust and the rose rosette.


These are also called ‘bourbon roses.’

You won’t have to worry about pricking. These are thorn less climbers. These flowers are known to bloom in the spring and then again in fall. It known for blossoming in shade as well as in sunny areas. These are perfect for borders, beds, fence and areas which have heavy traffic.

They are also the best if you have toddlers and pets around. This thorn less plant won’t harm them in any way.


They are known for their disease-resistant and are just indestructible. They are known to grow in a moist and fertile soil, they bloom first in summer and can also survive frost are also known to bloom in part shade. They grow 3-4 ft tall and their width consists of 4-5ft, if you ever feel like creating a hedge these roses are perfect for creating a boundary or a fence. These roses have a very light fragrance. So, you know which flower to choose if you’re running low pest control.

You can always grow these roses if you wish to have these favourite blooms in your garden if you are a rose lover just like us or if you are planning to give these blooms to someone then you should opt for as they have the freshest roses according to you’re the occasion that you are going to, they also do Online Flower Delivery in Navi Mumbai so that you can get these bouquets delivered on time.

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