D-cats.org: Fighting to prevent further devastation of the ONLY Planet we have

D-cats.org: Fighting to prevent further devastation of the ONLY Planet we have

What is D-cats.org?

They are a Detroit-based group of advocates for the public protecting our environment, our people, and a sustainable future through community engagement and action. They believe an elevated, committed presence will bring about awareness for the climate. This is not merely the fight of activists for a cause.

At D-cats, they are fighting to prevent further devastation of the ONLY planet we have. If there is one thing that will kill off mankind, it is the irresponsible actions of mankind. We have become a virus to our planet, one which appears to be determined to wipe itself out. If not for today, then for tomorrow, and the tomorrows of our children, and their children’s children!

D-cats is a group of climate change enthusiasts also looking to promote awareness and clarity on how tar and oil sands affect the environment.

The growing oil sands sector presents carbon challenges, and whilst carbon-capture technology is being developed and deployed by industry leaders, it is not a viable solution to the climate problem.

Mission of D-cats.org

They will evolve beyond the exploitative and destructive systems and practices of our past, fueled by dirty energy and the insatiable pursuit of profit, power and growth, towards a way of living that works in harmony with nature and each other, and doesn’t jeopardize the planet’s ability to sustain life. Their efforts to avoid catastrophic climate change and create the beloved community must be grounded in work to transition away from a market dominated society toward one aligned with community resilience, racial/social equity, and ecological stewardship. A new narrative is being written across the globe as part of the resistance rising to move past partisan politics and ideology and return to the idea that we the people have the right to determine our own future. What that future looks like is entirely up to us.

Fighting to prevent further devastation

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