Common things that happen when you stop taking the pills

Common things that happen when you stop taking the pills

Birth control pills are one of the most effective form of contraceptives. They are essentially a type of hormonal contraceptive, that deter the female body from ovulating. However, birth control pills, as they alter hormones in the body, also serve other purposes. 

Oral contraceptive pills are used when women face severe symptoms of PMS and have near intolerable cramps during periods, alongside preventing pregnancy. Those who have irregular cycle, or complaints of acne due to hormonal imbalance may also be prescribed the pills. 

However, some women may decide to go off the pill, for reasons specific to their context. Most often it is because women want to have a baby. 

Regardless of the intent, it is important to consult the Best Gynecologist in Karachi before going off the pill as tere are certain side-effects that be expected. 


Birth control pills do not linger in the system. Once you stop taking them, body resumes the process of ovulation in no time. This means that there will be eggs that can be fertilized in case of unprotected (and even protected) sex. 

If you are getting off the pills for the very reason, that’s great. However, if you do not have any plans to have a baby, perhaps mull over the decision to go off the pill, or at least opt for other contraceptives like condoms and diaphragm. 

Cycle will get disturbed 

Birth control pills are helpful for regulating periods. The pills thus prevent women from being caught off guard with their cycle. Moreover, pills also help in decreasing the flow and cramps during periods. 

Therefore, when women go off the pills, their cycle changes. Some women do not get periods for couple of months after stopping the pills, however, that’s not always the case. 

Women who get their periods back are also riddled with uncertainty. The number of period days varies. Most also tend to experience heavier flow, but can also be lighter, with cramps being a frequent guest. In short, periods become less predictable. 

However, usually, after a month or two without the pill, cycle gradually becomes normal and more predictable. 

Cramps during cycle 

When women are on the pill, they are not ovulating. But, as they return to their normal cycle, they can expect cramps on account of the release of the egg by the ovary. Since the egg is released by one of the ovaries, the cramp is on one side only. This may also increase vaginal discharge as well. 

Weight change

Jury is still out on the effect of hormone pills on the weight in the long term. According to research published in InformedHealth, hormonal pills do not have a significant impact on your weight. The overall affect, if any, is generally a few pounds annually. 

Many women stop their pills in the efforts to lose weight. However, getting off the pill will either have no effect on the weight, or very little if at all. 

Thus, women making this decision for the sake of weight loss should reconsider. Exercise, changes to lifestyle and healthy eating is a much more rewarding and sustainable attitude towards weight loss. 

Acne will make a comeback 

Birth control pills that have both, estrogen and progesterone are good for clearing acne. They help in decreasing the production of hormone androgen, which causes an increased production of oil in the skin, and thus results in acne. 

Hence, going off the pill also means saying hello to acne. The pimples will reappear as the hormone levels go back. However, you can still control the break outs. It is helpful to have a good facial hygiene which involves using cleaners and washing face twice a day. Change your pillow covers frequently, try not to touch your face and steer clear of stress. 

PMS symptoms return

All women dread PMS. Premenstrual Syndrome is a very difficult time of the cycle. In this state, emotions are haywire on account of the fluctuating hormones. Fragile emotional state is mostly composite of tears, bouts of anger and sadness. 

Some women also have cravings, often, for their comfort food. There is also the dreaded bloating that can make women less flattering. PMS also makes women feel nauseous as well. 

The symptoms also include physical discomfort due to the cramps and the tenderness in the breasts. There is also a subset of women who get migraines before the onset of their periods. 

As hormonal pills help in the regulation of the hormones, they thus prevent them from running amok and causing PMS. However, once these pills are stopped, the haywire-ness of the hormones returns. The horrifying, painful and loathsome symptoms of PMS return. 

If the symptoms are disruptive, and you do not want to get pregnant, perhaps talk to Best Gynecologist in Islamabad about your treatment options. 

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