Building a house with Precast system

Building a house with Precast system

Building a house with a Precast system

Because the village we live in is about to build a new phase รับสร้างบ้านสระบุรี. So I saw trucks carrying concrete coming in every morning. But it comes in the form of a shape already. So it reminded me that now even the process of building a house has developed very far. which we see like this is called Precast construction system (precast) with all the details, read on below!!

Precast house system (Precast) is to build a house รับสร้างบ้านโคราชor condo. by prefabricated concrete slabs made from the factory using technology with computer systems which these precast concrete will be parts of various houses such as the wall in front of the house, next to the house, behind the house, and the floor and put them together Similar to a jigsaw puzzle at the job site.

And if you ask me what advantages this system has, I can tell you that it’s a lot. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be used to build a house. which we can separate into sections as follows:

To be number one in quality that meets construction standards equally in every part and every house Because, as I said, it is used with a computer system. which is different from being built by people. that cannot control the quality Well, not everyone has the same skill and skill. Make each house or condo each project error may occur

continue until gain strength Because it is reinforced concrete that is not a form of self-made therefore able to withstand impact and weight Including resistance to earthquakes as well as ever. In addition, there is no worry about leakage. When it rains, the water will be difficult to seep through. So you don’t have to worry about mold. or the color is easy to fade

anti-noise The reason is simply because the wall is thick and dense enough. making it difficult to hear outside sounds And most importantly, who is offended by the beam? or pillars in the middle of all houses Don’t worry, if you use the Precast system, you won’t have these problems to worry about. Because the wall structure has taken into account the angularity. and is a good shock absorber

The advantages are not exhaustive, just because it’s in terms of beauty. is proportional to the desired size smooth skin real neat work It also reduces the problem of mortar dust, brick and stone, as well as the noise of hammering and drilling will be gone. and not disturbing the neighbors

But if I say that there is only one advantage, it seems a bit exaggerated. Because there must be some disadvantages, that is, the addition of both hammering or even drilling a large wall. such as adding an area on the side or back of the house is another room like this It’s going to be difficult for one. But if you just drill and hang any of these mirrors, you can do it yourself. The reason for this is that the wall is a load bearing instead of columns and beams. So doing these things is like This causes the strength of the house to be reduced in efficiency. so the best way is to consult an engineer or expert.

Another problem with the Precast house is the heat retention. When the thickness of the wall is high As a result, when the house is exposed to the sun for several hours, it will accumulate a lot of heat. Therefore, Ploy allows the exothermic process to be slow as well.

Benefits of Precast that you may not know

I believe that many people who click to read must want to know more about the word “Precast”. because building a house with this system is gaining widespread popularity in Thailand Anyone who is planning to buy a house and condo Information about “Precast” let’s decorate the brain a bit.

Precast (precast) or called a house that is “precast concrete” is a way to build a house. by using concrete walls designed to replace masonry walls which if asked how important it is to study The answer must be “a lot!” if you are buying a new home. because the house nowadays Turned to almost all precasts.

The precast itself is no different from the materials used in building other homes. that have both strengths and weaknesses in them, such as leaking problems that are common in poor quality projects or the problem of extension that has limitations Because the finished wall should not be drilled or beaten. But there are some benefits that you might not even know about the removal. What will be the part? Come and find the answer together with us.

Strong and durable

Even buying a house built with precast walls makes us frustrated with the lack of home improvement. But if you look at it as a good result Failure to renovate the house also reduces the risk of collapse. due to being overweight But what we need to know is prefabricated walls that have undergone standard production processes It will be as durable as building a house with bricks.

Beautiful and smooth

As you know, building a house with bricks is common. If the builders are not skilled enough May cause problems as a result, such as the wall is not perpendicular Door or window frames do not meet the required dimensions, etc., so what you get from precast is smoothness. get the desired size Eliminate the problem of asymmetry out there.

Standard house

Of course, all the villages Must build up credibility first. Using the precast system in building a house Therefore, it is another thing that the contractor or the project owner himself. can control the standards of each house It also helps to shorten the construction period to keep up with the needs of home buyers.

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