Brief Talk on HONOR MagicWatch 2

Brief Talk on HONOR MagicWatch 2

HONOR expanded its product line beyond smart phones. HONOR SmartWatch launched its second generation product,HONOR MagicWatch 2. Its price is not high, and its functions are quite comprehensive. It is able to make and receive phone calls, 14 days of battery life. It supports many exercise methods, music playing controls, etc. In addition, HONOR MagicWatch 2 has nice appearance. HONOR MagicWatch 2 looks much like HUAWEI Watch GT 2, but it is not a bad thing. HONOR products have good structure and excellent design. HONOR MagicWatch 2 is available in the 46 mm version. If the 46 mm is so large for your wrist, HONOR offers a slimmer 42 mm version. The 42 mm version does not have speakers.

In terms of materials, HONOR uses 316L aviation-level stainless steel for the shell. It is light and corrosion resistant. The base is in a shape of wave. Although there is a hump in the middle for the heart rate sensor, it is comfortable to wear. The bottom side has two contact points for charging, which are charged by magnetic attraction.

The carbon black watchband is fluororubber, which has rubber-like elasticity. It is comfortable and will not absorb dust or stains. There is a linen brown leather watchband, which is beautiful and comfortable. This watch has a waterproof rating of 50M, which means you can wear it to swim.

The 46 mm HONOR MagicWatch 2 feels great to wear and the dial is not large. The chamfered edges look cool, especially the outer edges with tachometer scales. This design style gives HONOR Smart Watch a certain personality. That distinguishes it from the universal black glass appearance of many competitors. However, only the larger version has this design style, while the smaller version is more low-key.

There are two buttons on the right, which are placed in the corners of the two paragraphs. Pressing these buttons can provide good tactile feedback. However, due to their size and location, they may be smaller. The top button acts as the home button and has a red ring to distinguish. The buttons below can be customized to perform various tasks, such as opening contacts, accessing call logs, checking notifications, etc.

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Considering its price, it is a smart watch with high cost performance. Its design and manufacturing quality are impressive. Its excellent waterproof performance and firm and reliable shell can adapt to various sports scenes, and its functions are also very comprehensive. In addition to the functions specially designed for fitness, it can also meet the basic functions required by daily life, such as answering and making phone calls, etc.

In general, HONOR has not cut corners on the manufacturing quality of MagicWatch 2. The design is quite beautiful and is completely worth the money. You can choose a 46 mm sporty appearance or a more compact 42 mm option as needed.

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