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How much turmeric to take for ED Men’s

Search for natural cure or cure through home-based remedies continues for erectile dysfunction. It is a male weakness that makes it difficult to get and sustain an erection for completing an intimate session.

Erectile dysfunction occurs when sufficient blood flow does not occur in the male organ. It happens to every male in adult life. The chances of erection difficulties occur in mid-aged males and males with one of the several lifestyle diseases. Mental and emotional issues, as well as stress and anxiety, also lead to erection difficulties. At the base of the erection issue is low blood flow in male organ. Scientists believe that by using turmeric, males can improve their erection process.

Role of turmeric in erectile dysfunction

A study was conducted in Taiwan in which turmeric powder was used on rats. The study revealed that there was improvement in blood flow towards the genitals of rats that are given the turmeric. However, the turmeric powder was applied on the stomach of rats close to the genitals.

The ointment that was used in the study was made from the curcumin.  It is a compound found in turmeric. Curcumin is an anti-inflammatory agent that is responsible for many benefits that come from turmeric.  The ointment was applied on the stomach of rats. The duration was 14 days.  When ointment was applied on the stomach, it penetrated the skin and remained in rat hair follicles for a day.  This duration is longer than the impact period of many medicines prescribed by the doctors for erectile dysfunction.

The study revealed that there was marked improvement in the flow of blood towards the genitals of rats. The anti-inflammatory compound also dilated the blood vessels to create additional space for blood flow. The same action is performed by Generic Levitra 60mg, when it stimulates the nitric oxide to dilate blood vessels for greater flow of blood towards male sexual organ.  It is interesting to mention that ointment made from curcumin was used externally. The rats were not given the ointment orally.

Scientists believed that eating turmeric may not yield the same results as turmeric is digested without extracting its benefit to dilate blood vessels.

Dose requirement depends on erectile dysfunction degree

Medical consultations are needed to understand the level of dosage to get the desired results. Online medical team of says that without medical consultations dosage should not be taken, as higher than required dose can lead to undesired results. The exact dose is recommended after medical examination. Understanding the degree of erection difficulty also helps doctors to know the exact dose quantity.

The study did not mention the difficulty level of rats before the application of turmeric powder on the stomach. And study has been done on rats only. Research is on to understand its cure potential for erectile difficulties in males as well.

Turmeric provide multiple health benefits

Whether turmeric will give immediate relief from erection issues is yet to be seen. But it has other proven properties. It is an anti-inflammatory agent. It also is an antioxidant spice. It prevents oxidation of cells and blood vessels, which lead to reduced blood flow. Turmeric as raw material is used in preventive supplements for various health conditions. The healing properties of the spice boost collagen and cell growth. A stress free body, curb on free radicals and smooth blood flow help in enhancing intimacy life.  As a part of a healthy diet, which is a natural remedy for an improved erection process, turmeric can work with Sildenafil citrate 150 mg for curing severe erection issues without any problem.

Turmeric boosts nitric oxide production

Independent studies have confirmed that turmeric boosts the production of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide in blood vessels dilates the vessels to pass more blood flow into the body. It makes it easy to get more blood flow towards the male organ with stimulation.


Studies on topical use of turmeric compound curcumin for direct relief to erectile dysfunction are confined to male rats. But there is no doubt turmeric as spice has many benefits for health. It is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent will improve health. Any general improvement in health leads to better erection and joy in intimacy.

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