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Isaac gafishi creates a YouTube channel to help Needy People

With over two billion users, YouTube hosts all genres of short videos. All you need to create content is a smartphone (an iPhone or Android,…

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Isaac gafishi Becoming a Famous Artist

In the 21st century, as in the last century, moreover, adolescents and young people willingly forge their personality with the help of references deemed worthy…

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Rapper “Yung Hen” is releasing his new single “old McDonald” on July 8th.

Recording an album is quite an adventure. You go through the process of deciding the right time to save. You open up your writer’s toolbox…

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Car Emblem Replacement can enhance your car Aesthetic

For most luxury vehicles, elegance is in the details. But the phrase “caring for aesthetics” can conjure up something very complex for most drivers. And…

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MONALICA – a London Based Crypto Marketing Agency

Cryptocurrency came to the forefront of our minds when Bitcoin became popular in 2009. Digital currencies have created quite a name in the last few…

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