A Beginner’s Guide of Cheap VPS Hosting India


If your website is facing a lot of downtime and crashes, it is time to move on to a better hosting plan. A VPS hosting plan or ‘Virtual Private Server’ hosting plan is the best option for expanding businesses that want their business to run most smoothly. A Cheap VPS Hosting India plan won’t hurt. With the term ‘cheap’ it doesn’t mean it is low in performance. It is developed to deliver the best of the best. You will get an isolated hosting environment with top-most security features. It won’t allow any third-party to access your data by any mode. So, no illegal activity and information leak on the server. You don’t have to worry about your server neighbors as you do in shared server hosting. VPS India Hosting has no fuss. Let me break it down for you, what you need to know when you are planning to invest in VPS hosting services. But before moving on to that, first, let us know the basics of it.

What is VPS Server Hosting?

A virtual private server or VPS gives you a private environment. It has a solid ‘virtual partition’ so that you don’t have to worry about other hosts that are on the same server. There will be many users on the same physical server but don’t worry about resources. Resources are not shared, which will increase your hosts’ performance rate. This type of hosting offers superb flexibility and greater control. It is best for people who want more resources than shared hosting and less expense than dedicated server hosting. VPS servers are relatively cheaper than dedicated server hosting. I agree that it’s expensive than shared server hosting, but when you look through the specifications, they are much better than shared hosting.

On top of that, when you talk about the security of VPS, it can’t be matched with shared hosting. Shared hosting is less reliable than VPS Server hosting. Actually, unsafe in comparison to VPS as neighbour activity on shared server matters. On the other hand, in VPS you don’t have to worry about neighbor traffic. They will do what they want to do; you will do what you want. Both parties won’t be disturbing one another. This is done by a virtual layer called ‘hypervisor’. It divides the physical server in fractional servers which are handled by Virtual machines (VM).

VPS vs. Shared Hosting

I hope you do not think that VPS is so similar to shared hosting. Thank God! The major difference is that in shared hosting users are on the same server, and they share resources. On the other hand, in Cheap VPS Hosting India, customers are on the same server, but they don’t share sources. They don’t have to worry about their partner clients, what they are doing or what they are getting. Resource allocation is one important difference. Moving on, there is a traffic issue. If your website is receiving high traffic, then shared hosting won’t help. Your website will face downtime because of fluctuation and sudden traffic. This is not the case with VPS India. You will hardly feel downtime, and even if your website has sudden demands due to web apps, VPS can also manage that. I’m not saying that nobody on this planet invests in shared hosting. Shared hosting is excellent for those customers who have controlled website traffic and less fluctuation. But it has a data monopoly. If someone is using a high configuration application, all attention will be diverted to that particular application. Your website performance will be affected. Shared hosting is very cheap in price, it will prove great to kick-start your business. If in the future your business grows, you can always upgrade. It’s in your hand. You can change to a VPS hosting plan as it has some benefits of a dedicated server hosting. Now, you are aware of shared hosting and VPS hosting plans. It’s time to know about different VPS options available.

What is Best: Managed, Self-Managed, and Fully Managed Systems

If you are sorted to invest in VPS hosting, you still have to look through various points. First, you need to know what are managed, fully-managed or self-managed VPS hosting plans before investing in a particular plan. Let’s have a look at the differences.

  1. Fully-managed: In this type of VPS hosting, our provider will handle the server and its issues entirely. He will be the administrator of the system. Those ways, you can focus on your business without worrying about the tech issues. This will be great for business owners who don’t have a technical person to handle the server. You won’t be allowed root access. Your hosting provider will manage the updates and app downloads. You will still have full access to cPanel.
  2. Self-managed: In this type of VPS hosting, you will have to manage the VPS hosting server entirely. You won’t get cPanel with this type of hosting, but you will get root access to the server. This plan is excellent when you have your own IT technicians to help you with the server. You will have to do the updates, critical downloads on your own. You will not be allowed to access the hosting provider’s dedicated server admins.
  3. Managed: This type of VPS hosting is a tie-breaker between self-managed and fully-managed hosting. This is suitable for the companies who want cPanel as well as some help in management from the hosting provider. In installing applications and other stuff you don’t need hosting provider’s help. You can manage these things on your own by cPanel. You will have some help from a hosting provider in updates. Root access will be given to you. Don’t worry about that.


From the above, we have somehow gathered why we need VPS hosting for an expanding business. It is available in different shades managed, fully-managed and self-managed. It is flexible, scalable and more affordable in price. These benefits prove to be the best for new-bee investors, start-ups and even for those websites that are receiving high, fluctuating traffic. If you need more info regarding Cheap VPS Hosting India, talk to the hosting provider and have a list of your requirements. He/she will solve all the queries by suggesting you the best available hosting plan accordingly.

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