5 Best Tips on Office Wear for Men


Your workplace is one of the places where you have to dress to impress. It is very important that you always look tidy and up to the mark when you are going to work. This is so because in the world of corporate, usually what makes an impression is how you look. So, it is very important that whenever you are off to your work, you have clothes on which are formal, and bring out your personality as well. To help you with the same, we have put together some tips on office wear which will help you make the most of your looks and personality. 

Here are the top office wear tips for men

1. Jackets scream professionalism

One of the ways to stand out in your office is to wear a jacket along with your regular shirt. A suit can be too much, so a jacket balances both and brings out the best from your outfit. You may usually underestimate the use of a jacket at a workplace; however, it can make a lot of difference to your attire and overall personality as well. When you wear a jacket, your body looks quite into shape and you can easily bring out your basic aesthetic appeal as well.

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2. Plain shirts are old school

Gone are the times, when plain white shirts were worn to workplace. You can surely wear them once or twice a month. However, wearing them too often can get boring. Nowadays, the trend is about wearing checkered or stripped shirts which look so attractive. The various color combinations in the stripes and checks can really make you look good and the patterns they have are quite flattering as well. However make sure that the stripes and the checks are small in size and not very big.

Bigger stripes and checks are great for social occasions but not for your workplace. Also, don’t go for buttoned down collars as they may not suit your workplace. Held up ironed collars are very attractive and pealing ad work great for your office wear as well.

3. Experiment with your neck tie

A neck tie is one of the major things that you wear in your attire when you are going to your office. So, it is plays quite an important role in completing your outfit. Back then, men usually wore plain ties. However, like in the case of shirts, ties can also be experimented with. You can make the most of your look by getting a tie with a pattern like stripes or checks. You can contrast your ties with your shirt so make the look good together. Make sure that the pattern on the shirt and tie are not similar and are different in the right proportion as well. 

You can go for a tie which has diagonal stripes, with a small knot and wear it along your checkered shirt as well.

4. Pants to make you look good

Gone are the days when men used to wear baggy pants and denims. It is not the trend nowadays. In the date and time of the resent, jeans and pants that fit are the best way to go. Fit jeans and pants maker your butt and legs look so good. They bring out the shape of your physique and also are very comfortable as well. The waistband is quite comfortable and visually they look just perfect. However, don’t go for super tight pants as they make it uncomfortable for you to move. You can buy pants with Koovs promo code at discounted prices and save money as well.

5. Shoes and socks are important

Your footwear says a lot about you. Don’t go for sneakers or sports shoes while you are off to your office. Go for formal shoes or boots with ankle length socks which are quite good looking. Don’t skip the socks even if you wear denims. 

These are some of the best tips for office wear for men. You can bring them in practice and you will surely see heads turning due to your good looks.

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