3 Travel Insurance Companies Offering The CHEAPEST Rates


Planning for future trips or travels includes the budgeting process which will begin from the start of the planning process up to at least a day before the scheduled travel. While budgeting people will save as much money as possible and sometimes they are letting go of the much valuable travel insurance. Stop thinking of the travel insurance as just an added expense for your travel even if it’s just right beside your area. It is because we will never know what will happen during the whole trip, so it is better to be prepared than being sorry to the end. Aside from insurance companies where you can get cheap car insurance, there are also those who offer the cheapest rates for travel insurance coverages.

Travel insurance plays a vital role in your protection on the duration of your dream trip. Given the vital purpose of travel insurance, refusing to spend some money for it might lead to unavoidable problems while you are on your trip. However, since you seem reluctant to take out a penny for single coverage for your travel insurance plan, we will lay out the five insurance companies offering travel insurance plans for the cheapest rate possible. Here they are:

APRIL Travel Protection

April Travel Protection offers travel insurance for as low as $102. This insurance company provides travel insurance for single-trip travelers as well as for frequent travelers needing much insurance for the whole year. If you are a single-trip customer, you can have a variety of choices you can tailor-fit for your circumstances from a cruise-specific plan to a VIP plan. Their VIP plan offers the tempting high coverage limits of $1 million for emergency evacuation, a hundred percent reimbursement for trip cancellation and 175% for trip interruption. You can also choose the company’s APRIL Choice Plan, which will enable you to include the benefits you wish most, and also coverage for business equipment, or financial insolvency of the provider.

If you want the cheapest possible with a guaranteed service and attractive offers, this is the cheapest insurance company for you.

AXA Assistance USA

The second cheapest with $124 rate for travel insurance. It boasts its three tiered-choices for travelers who would want to pay more or less for the best coverage for them. The first one is the Silver Plan, with the lowest cost. The most affordable option offers 100% reimbursement for cancellation of trips, $100,000 for medical evacuation, a $100 per day for trip delays with its maximum amount to $500 and a separate $25,000 for accident and sickness coverage, together with $750 for baggage and personal effects coverage.

The other two choices for you will be the Gold and Platinum Plan, which we guarantee you are on a whole other level higher than the Silver Plan in cost and coverage. This company also offers a 10-day money-back guarantee in case you have changed your mind, as long as your trip has not yet started or filed a claim.

Seven Corners, Inc.

Followed by the third company offering $124 for your travel insurance plan. Aside from being one of the cheapest, this insurance company is famous for offering affordable promo-like plans like travel insurance for students, road trip insurance for trips throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada, as well as medical evacuation coverage designed explicitly for visa holders. Seven Corners also offers a travel insurance plan that can cover not just one trip for a year.

Like the AXA Assistance USA, Seven Corners also provides three insurance plans customers can choose from, namely: Roundtrip Economy, as the most affordable, Roundtrip Choice, and Roundtrip Elite as the most expensive. All of these three can offer you the coverage you need and might be the best policy coverage for you. You need to choose depending on the budget you have, and you can have the beautiful plan they have at a rate much lower than the national average cost of a travel plan in the US than any other insurance companies offering.

Cost of Travel Insurance in the US

Depending on the coverage you will decide to choose a travel insurance costs up to 10% of the trips’ costs or usually $200-$500. Even though travel insurance companies’ offers differ in terms of factors like age, location, destination, coverage packages, whether basic or comprehensive plays a role in the different rates between these insurance companies.

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